August 15, 2018

Inherent Opportunities

May 6, 2016

Daily Sketch / Positive Influencers / colored pencil / 135 minutes


September 7, 2015

Daily Sketch / Figure and Ground / colored pencil / 90 minutes

April 13, 2015

Full Stop | [observe hominid aberration]

Graphite on paper, colored in Adobe Photoshop ~ 250 minutes. Click HERE for an animation showing how the piece came together.


A horned figure slinks from the shadows...


a SENTRY BOT grinds along it’s path, cutting a wedge of light into the dim tiled walkway. A multitude of  sensors scan the walls, penetrating crevices, looking for signs of trouble or structural hazards. It stops, chirping excitedly to itself. A single light is illuminating bare toes. A WOMAN steps forward out of the shadows.


Route please.

The sentry bot retreats a foot along it’s track, emitting a cacophony of tonal laments.


Observe biped! This corridor is maintained by the Kaska Rendering Authority! Your admission is unanticipated!

The blackened surface of the sentry bot begins to change. More lights blink open and scan across the woman’s tall form.



The woman cranes her neck around the bot as it’s warnings continue. It’s light dimly illuminates a tiled archway above her head. Plants have broken through the tile and dangle just out of reach. A light flashes near her face, dazzling her eyes. She’s been photographed.




Comply: West, 11 kilometers. Junction. North,  4 Kilometers. Junction. West, 210 kilometers...


Total time until sunrise?


Comply: 48 Earth minutes. 172 Vuhla minutes. 211 Dygon minutes...


What’s my status?


Comply: Observations indicate refugee fleeing the Greater Crucible Territories. Refugee status is non-compliant.  Compliance is mandatory. Please observe the following directives...

The woman has stepped back into the shadows, disappearing from sight. The sentry bot ceases to speak and initiates a broad scan of the immediate area. Eventually it determines that it is alone. A soft cooing whispers through it’s speaker grates. Sharply, it swivels it’s camera’s back to the path and begins to pickup speed. In the darkness, red eyes blink open and watch it disappear down a tunnel.

March 27, 2015

The Bird

Graphite on paper, colored in Adobe Photoshop ~ 180 minutes

the_bird copy copyArcs of light turned the shadows pink...


CLEOPATRA OTTIN slams into the crumbling facade, taking cover as a barrage of c-beams pass overhead. She holds her breath against the reek of burned-hair, counting to 10 before gasping in lungfuls of air.


You lucky bitch!

Her RADIO chimes – a few notes from her regimental chorus play flatly, announcing a company wide directive.


Bunker, bunker, bunker! All assets clear to the edge – we are live fire in 30 seconds! That means you Otty – you’re 15 yards South West. Move your ass, yesterday!

Cleopatra crouches low, peering through a gap in the wall. The enemy’s advance scouts are running at a half-crouch, but not directly towards her. She keys her radio on.


Command – I have 4 pigs left. Permission to deploy?


Negative! You have sub-20 seconds to clear that grid. MOVE!

Cleopatra is already unboxing the detonators. Stringing the 4 together she cranks a time-delay dial and spits out a mouthful of dust. Reaching behind her she unclips her bra-strap and slinks each arm free, then pulls the bra loose and hangs it over the top of the wall, visible to the enemy. She grins wide and pats the nestle of wires and explosives at her feet before taking off for the battlefield’s edge.

February 3, 2014

Daily Sketch / cyborgs / graphite + colored pencil / 130 minutes

Scan 1

January 27, 2014

Daily Sketch / miscellaneous people / graphite + colored pencil / 65 minutes


January 13, 2014

Daily Sketch / tubes and gadgets / graphite + colored pencil / 45 minutes

Scan 3

March 20, 2013

The Snow Sisters of Doogan Township

Pen on paper, color-tint in Adobe Photoshop ~ 60 minutes

space_ladies 5.19.09 PMScrap-hunting the Outskirts, the Snow Sisters consider their next meal...


HALCYONE and CORILLA SNOW are hunting for scrap-metal.


Feeding times soon. What are you going to say?


Same as always. If we deserved better food, we’d be shown the way.

A siren sounds in the distance. The sisters stop to listen for a moment.


How long you think that’s going to work?

March 17, 2013

Break-time in Tunnel K

I drew this late last year and am only now getting around to coloring it. I labored over what to do with the gizmo behind him; I’m still thinking about going in and fleshing out the details of that structure a bit more. Right now it sort of looks like it has googly-eyes. Why the near-monotone green? It was St. Patrick’s Day. Graphite sketch with Adobe Photoshop colors ~ 200 minutes


March 30, 2012

Graphite and Photoshop ~ 250 minutes

March 8, 2012

Decided to follow through and actually color this one. Graphite and Photoshop ~ 200 minutes

January 14, 2012

A watercolor study for a painting ~ 10 minutes

March 16, 2011

Pharmacy auto-interface concept

This is a test post, you know, just to try things out. The above image was completed in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom tablet. Part of a portfolio piece depicting a fully automated medicine shop. I didn’t end up using this particular version, but instead went with…. this one;

And I liked the character so much I decided to alter the image again to use on my website’s front-page.


January 13, 2011

Augustus Dean

This is a character development illustration for a story I’m writing. Augustus Dean is a seemingly normal man who finds in himself a very old, very destructive power. This re-awakening is the catalyst for a metaphysical detective story in the film-noir style. I am geeking out.

January 10, 2011

Monkey King

Drawn while visiting my buddy Mike May in Baltimore last summer (graphite on paper).