September 1, 2014

Daily Sketch / Aborted Inktober Attempt (8.1.15 – 8.4.15) / brush and ink

Scan 9

August 26, 2014

Daily Sketch / Feather-eater / ink + paper-bag + photoshop / 55 minutes


September 14, 2013

Daily Sketch / face-jumble / pen on paper / 65 minutes


August 2, 2013

Daily Sketch / damnation! / pen on paper / 80 minutes


May 22, 2013

Daily Sketch / voodoo / ink on paper / 45 minutes


April 15, 2013

Lightbulb Zombie at the Gate

Pen on paper, color-tint in Adobe Photoshop ~ 65 minutes


Hit the lights. Somethings moving out there...


MAXIMILLIAN RILKE holds his breath. His brother GREGOR RILKE stands at his side, listening. They stare into the darkness beyond the doorway and hear night sounds. Maximilian is loosely gripping a shotgun by the base of its barrel, the stock resting on his hip.


It’s nothing. We should...


Hush. Listen again.

Maximilian shifts his feet in the snow, getting cold. Being a good brother, he closes his eyes and listens. His eyes pop open at a sharp sound from nearby, like paper being torn from a book. He licks his lips and slowly unhinges the shotgun barrell, exposing the chamber. Reaching into his coat pocket for shells, he feels his brother’s hand on his arm.


Too late for that.

Gregor nods into the darkness. Maximilian squints his eyes and sees a splash of light on the old Model-T next to the barn. It grows, and with it a look of dread darkens Maximilian’s face.

April 2, 2013

Daily Sketch / face-jumble / pen on paper / 15 minutes


March 31, 2013

Daily Sketch / face-jumble / pen on paper / 35 minutes


March 20, 2013

The Snow Sisters of Doogan Township

Pen on paper, color-tint in Adobe Photoshop ~ 60 minutes

space_ladies 5.19.09 PMScrap-hunting the Outskirts, the Snow Sisters consider their next meal...


HALCYONE and CORILLA SNOW are hunting for scrap-metal.


Feeding times soon. What are you going to say?


Same as always. If we deserved better food, we’d be shown the way.

A siren sounds in the distance. The sisters stop to listen for a moment.


How long you think that’s going to work?

March 12, 2013

Daily Sketch / face-jumble / graphite on paper / 25 minutes


July 30, 2012

More zombie / mummy gals with lightbulbs in their heads. It’s kinda my jam ~ 100 minutes

I need some new pens. These are getting a bit rough to deal with ~ 50 minutes

May 15, 2012

More ink and marker work ~ 50 minutes

May 3, 2012

Notes and sketches from a few talks I attended this spring. I also blew past my 31st birthday, as that fancy gentleman below mentions.

April 30, 2012

I like the robot man with the sweet mullet – I used a very skinny ink pen (.005) that almost immediately started leaking all over the place when I sat down to wait for Citizen Kane to start at our local historical theatre. Also it was brand new, I have no backup, and so I’ll be drawing with graphite tomorrow to see if I can capture a similar look. ~ 60 minutes

Some moleskine sketchup I started earlier this month. ~ 80 minutes

February 22, 2012

January 17, 2012

January 14, 2012

Ink studies for a series of paintings I completed last summer ~ 45 minutes

This is from a watercolor sketchpad I keep. I’m not sure why I didn’t scan this when I drew it back in May; maybe because the sketchpad is a bit bigger then my flatbed scanner and I have to scan the image in two seperate pieces, then stitch it together in Photoshop, and that’s kind of a pain. This is brush and india ink, with some nib work thrown in. ~ 45 minutes