April 13, 2015

Full Stop | [observe hominid aberration]

Graphite on paper, colored in Adobe Photoshop ~ 250 minutes. Click HERE for an animation showing how the piece came together.


A horned figure slinks from the shadows...


a SENTRY BOT grinds along it’s path, cutting a wedge of light into the dim tiled walkway. A multitude of  sensors scan the walls, penetrating crevices, looking for signs of trouble or structural hazards. It stops, chirping excitedly to itself. A single light is illuminating bare toes. A WOMAN steps forward out of the shadows.


Route please.

The sentry bot retreats a foot along it’s track, emitting a cacophony of tonal laments.


Observe biped! This corridor is maintained by the Kaska Rendering Authority! Your admission is unanticipated!

The blackened surface of the sentry bot begins to change. More lights blink open and scan across the woman’s tall form.



The woman cranes her neck around the bot as it’s warnings continue. It’s light dimly illuminates a tiled archway above her head. Plants have broken through the tile and dangle just out of reach. A light flashes near her face, dazzling her eyes. She’s been photographed.




Comply: West, 11 kilometers. Junction. North,  4 Kilometers. Junction. West, 210 kilometers...


Total time until sunrise?


Comply: 48 Earth minutes. 172 Vuhla minutes. 211 Dygon minutes...


What’s my status?


Comply: Observations indicate refugee fleeing the Greater Crucible Territories. Refugee status is non-compliant.  Compliance is mandatory. Please observe the following directives...

The woman has stepped back into the shadows, disappearing from sight. The sentry bot ceases to speak and initiates a broad scan of the immediate area. Eventually it determines that it is alone. A soft cooing whispers through it’s speaker grates. Sharply, it swivels it’s camera’s back to the path and begins to pickup speed. In the darkness, red eyes blink open and watch it disappear down a tunnel.

February 3, 2014

Daily Sketch / cyborgs / graphite + colored pencil / 130 minutes

Scan 1

May 15, 2012

More ink and marker work ~ 50 minutes

April 30, 2012

I like the robot man with the sweet mullet – I used a very skinny ink pen (.005) that almost immediately started leaking all over the place when I sat down to wait for Citizen Kane to start at our local historical theatre. Also it was brand new, I have no backup, and so I’ll be drawing with graphite tomorrow to see if I can capture a similar look. ~ 60 minutes

March 8, 2012

Decided to follow through and actually color this one. Graphite and Photoshop ~ 200 minutes

December 10, 2011

I really don’t like this one. I don’t think the drawing itself is particularly awful, but that hair? And the sweatband thing? Terrible fashion sense. ~ 75 minutes

September 4, 2011

I did most of my drawing outdoors this week in an attempt to get the most out of the remaining nice weather. As I type this I’m sitting next to an open window, and it’s only through sheen stubborness that I haven’t closed it yet. It’s way to chilly. ~ 70 minutes

August 25, 2011

More deco-inspired characterization. I’m pround of this one. ~ 140 minutes

June 24, 2011

Daily Sketch – June 24th, 2011

Hah I like this one. ~ 75 minutes

June 13, 2011

Daily Sketch – June 13th, 2011

Not sure exactly what the gizmo on her right-hand does, but I like the idea of something being so useful that it can entirely replace the human hand. It’s a concept I would like to play around with more in the future. ~ 70 minutes

May 5, 2011

Daily Sketch – May 5th, 2011

Hah I like these two. If I draw them again I will give the lady real legs and find a better hat for the gentleman. ~ 60 minutes

Daily Sketch – April 22nd – May 5th, 2011

FIRST MOLESKINE FULL! Yep this is the last page / last image for the first of what I hope are many more Moleskine sketchbooks to come. As it was the last image in the book, I was already working out of a new sketchpad, and so had to remember to go back and finish this one later. Similar to both the April 12th and April 15th sketches. ~80 minutes

April 15, 2011

Daily Sketch – April 15th, 2011

I liked Tuesday’s (April 12th) sketch enough to try another in that same style. Didn’t turn out as good but I like the bandages and the ridiculous ‘brain replacement’ attachment on the head. I struggled with this one a bit ~ 100 minutes

April 12, 2011

Daily Sketch – April 12th, 2011

I like this one – it has the more theatrical presentation and narrative-based feeling that I’m shooting for. ~ 60 minutes

April 6, 2011

Daily Sketch – April 6th, 2011

I had a good time drawing with the guys last night (see below) and am trying to do something similar here. ~ 60 minutes

April 5, 2011

Daily Sketch – April 5th, 2011

Finally something I like! Drew this with some old work guy’s at Espresso Royale in Urbana. I typically struggle with mechanical rendering but really had fun with this. I’ll likely continue work on this next week, and will re-post my progress. ~60 minutes

March 21, 2011

Daily Sketch – March 21st, 2011