Album Cover Workflow and Evolution (Common Loon)

Roughs - Round 1 Development Details

I was commissioned to develop album art for a band called Common Loon. The reference art they provided all contained either line drawings with minimal line variance or fully rendered textural work, and featured color washes. They added that something dark and bleak might be appropriate. Based on that I made the 6 thumbnail sketches above with graphite and Adobe Photoshop.


Roughs - Round 2 Development Details

The feedback from the band was positive, and I was encouraged to further explore the ‘broken triangle’ concept. Using pen and ink I developed the 15 sketches above, adding color and type in Adobe Photoshop. Here I was playing with the spectrum of representation; a flat, iconic triangle on one end, and a figurative pyramid structure on the other.


Roughs - Round 3 Development Details

In reply the band reported that they preferred something simpler and more iconic. They provided the top image (source art) and requested a more polished version. In images 1 – 10 I took the initial disintegration concept and attributed different physical characteristics to both the triangle and the source of it’s destruction:

  1. Powder blown by wind
  2. Powder disturbed by wind + directed sound wave
  3. Powder disturbed by wind +  heavy / generalized vibrations
  4. Sand washed away by liquid
  5. Solid structure gutted by flames / explosions from within
  6. Solid structure smoldering and on fire
  7. Solid structure smoldering
  8. Solid structure burning / rocked by explosion
  9. Stick pyre (stylized) billowing smoke
  10. Teepee gutted by fire

The 10th image is the wild-card, and was thrown in to illustrate that an entirely different direction could be taken.


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