Red Faction: Guerrilla Main Menu Redesign (personal)

Main Menu Development Details

Menu Logo: Overlayed on the curve of the planet, the Red Faction logo’s color has been changed to resemble the surface of the sun. This was done to make it stand out, as well as allude to the conflict of the Second Martian Revolution.

Menu Options: I considered using frames or even tabs to arrange the menu options, but chose a basic text-wall for player expediency. Please note that this menu assumes that a single-player game has already been saved. Overall I made several changes to the menu choices:

1) Load Game is now the default (top) option. I prefer this arrangement as it gets the player back to their game faster.

2) The original Red Faction menu had 8 choices. I removed System Link, Downloadable Content, and Wrecking Crew. They are now nested beneath the new Extras heading.

3) I changed XBOX Live to Multiplayer for clarities sake: I feel it’s more specific.

Background: RFG’s character-silhouette background was at times very busy. I like the idea of starting each gameplay session with a simple image of mars because it’s a clear reminder of the gameplay goals: to wrestle control of the planet away from the EDF. The image of mars itself is courtesy of NASA. The colors and tone were changed to make it more easily identifiable as mars. If animated the planet would slowly turn clockwise.


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